Pat Mulcahy

Pat Mulcahy
Founding Member

I enjoyed a terrific career in St. Louis. I made my wealth here, and now believe that I should give back here. St. Louis has so many great institutions large and small that deserve our support to continue their public service.

Like the national Giving Pledge effort anchored by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the St. Louis Gift Pledge provides a spirit, camaraderie and framework for giving in our own community. It is an important and worthwhile project, and I am proud to be part of it, and am confident that others will join us.

Over the course of my almost 50 years in St. Louis, my wife and I have been involved with and contributed to a number of organizations. These include the American Youth Foundation, City Academy, the St. Louis Art Museum, and Marian Middle School. We are particularly interested in groups that benefit kids, schools, and lifting young people out of poverty.

St. Louis is a great community, but we must take steps today to ensure valuable philanthropy dollars and organizational support remain in the region for future generations. The St. Louis Gift Pledge is an important – and lasting – first step.