About the Gift Pledge

The St. Louis Gift Pledge is a campaign to make  St. Louis a more vibrant community. Our goal is to publicize local giving and encourage more people to support St. Louis through philanthropy.  In asking a group of St. Louisans to come forward with their intentions to give $1 million or more, we hope:  

  1. To inspire others to take action
  2. To bring together those who value the impact St. Louis has had on their lives, and want to give back to our community
  3. To promote open conversations about philanthropy in the St. Louis area

Each St. Louisan has their own story as to why and to whom they choose to give. We encourage you to explore and learn by reading the pledge letters behind each St. Louisan’s photograph. Let us answer your questions by reviewing the FAQ page.

We hope you will consider joining the list of St. Louis pledgers who are among some of our community’s most generous philanthropists.  If you are interested in taking the pledge by committing $1 million or more to the nonprofit of your choice, please contact us

The St. Louis Giving Pledge is sponsored by the St. Louis Community Foundation.