Myron and Sunny Glassberg

Myron and Sunny Glassberg
Founding Members

I have no doubt an initiative like the Gift Pledge would have appealed to my parents. Anything that encouraged people to give to St. Louis-related causes would have earned their support.

My father, Myron, was raised in St. Louis and my mother, Sunny, moved there when she was young. Both of them loved St. Louis and supported many community causes over the years.

My dad lived frugally – he’d buy a car and keep it for ten to 12 years. When he supported things, he did so quietly and with little or no fanfare. For example, years ago there was a proposal to mine gravel from the Meramec River. A lawsuit opposing the move was filed.

Years later, I found out that my father funded that lawsuit.  Ultimately, the suit saved the river, but none of us ever knew a thing. That’s just the way he was.

Together, my parents contributed to conservation initiatives, Forest Park and the Zoo. My mother also set up a number of educational scholarships for women after my father died.

My father didn’t believe in inherited wealth, and set up his estate so that its proceeds would flow into the MySun Foundation. My mother was an active participant in the foundation until she died. Today, my son sits on the board, and I am proud to say that it continues to make grants to exciting initiatives in and around St. Louis. My parents would be proud.

– As told by Dr. Richard Glassberg, son of Myron and Sunny Glassberg.