John and Natalie Alberici

John and Natalie Alberici
Founding Members

Teamwork Yields Greater Good

Several years ago, nonprofits often sent giving requests to both the Alberici Corporationand the Alberici family, because of the company’s high-profile and the family’s reputation as one of the community’s most generous.

These duplicate efforts inspired John to work with his advisors to explore ways to structure a combined giving approach for the family and the company. At the table were his accountants, lawyers, wealth managers, and a representative from the St. Louis Community Foundation, who provided charitable-planning expertise. From these meetings the Alberici Foundation at the St. Louis Community Foundation emerged.

“Our family and our company are intertwined,” John says. “Having our foundation at the Community Foundation made giving more convenient for us, while simplifying matters for the charities because they now had one point of contact.”

The move provided significant tax benefits for the company and the family, while enabling them to avoid the costs and bureaucracy associated with running an independent foundation. Today, John continues to work with his advisors and gives to causes he and Natalie are passionate about, which include sustainability, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, St. Louis University, the Muny, and the St. Louis Zoo.

“The St. Louis Community Foundation provides information about charities, analyzes different requests, and presents us with a snapshot of what we’ve accomplished,” John says. “Their personalized service, charitable planning expertise, and their local knowledge, make our giving experience more manageable and enjoyable.”