John and Anabeth Weil

John and Anabeth Weil
Founding Member

“Philanthropy is in my blood – my parents set quiet examples, as did both sets of my grandparents,” says John Weil, an investment professional. “They quietly gave money and volunteered their time, and I did the same as soon as I got out of college.”

Today, John and Anabeth Weil work together on their philanthropic interests, which extend primarily to the arts and education.

“We prioritize our giving and tend to give to organizations we are both personally involved with, which include the Central Institute for the Deaf, The New City School, the St. Louis Art Museum, and Washington University,” says Anabeth. “If you are fortunate to be in a position to give back, why wouldn’t you?”

Both share the belief that it is important their giving focus stay on St. Louis. “When someone dies and the heirs are out of town, the money tends to follow,” says Anabeth. “We are dedicated to St. Louis – we live here and care about it. This community is our home and that’s why the Gift Pledge is so important to us.”

For the Weils giving also extends to giving of their time and energy through volunteerism. “Organizations appreciate people helping, and we get involved in a positive and tangible way,” says John. “When you buy a new shirt and wear it, there’s no question you are initially pleased, but then that feeling is gone and it’s just a shirt, but when you spend time with an organization – that’s meaningful, rewarding, and lasting. It’s something special.”